Inventory Management and Organization

We have to clean and organize our own homes, but going to your job and finding that you need to take care of another space is a whole different story. Technically, it’s a chore! In any commercial building, people don’t realize how much work it takes to upkeep the facility and make sure everything is operating smoothly. There is a saying that goes “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.” From cleaning supplies to repair parts, there are endless elements that contribute to the functioning of a facility, and staying on top of it all may feel like a never-ending struggle. To help ensure your facility remains efficient, Best Plumbing has designed a system to tackle the three main components of organization in the workplace: time, money, and space.   

To be sure that you are using a system that works, a control plan needs to be implemented. The first step to building a control plan is resetting your inventory. Identifying what is on shelves, documenting inventory, and removing unused materials is essential in creating a clean foundation to grow from. It is also essential to plan how you will house and organize new and existing inventory. Less clutter means more space, therefore, less time searching for what you need.   

Studies show that 22% of the time, maintenance employees leave a stockroom without the proper quantity or type of materials. No one enjoys going upstairs in their home only to remember that they forgot their phone in the basement. Imagine if you went across a campus or up 30 floors only to realize you forgot one piece in the stockroom. When it is difficult to find supplies, you spend more time searching for stock or reordering items that could not be located, which causes waste to grow. Carrying these potential overstock or unneeded items takes up limited storage space and wastes money.  

It has been estimated that more than $100 billion is spent on operating and maintenance materials by facilities each year that includes everything from cleaning supplies to replacement parts for plumbing systems. Studies have looked at what is stockpiled by facilities, and they estimate that nearly 10 percent of what is ordered and stocked simply sits, unused on stockroom shelves. Eventually, when space becomes short, the items are disposed of.  To help you save your time, money, and space, we have come up with three management solutions: Stockroom Consulting, Custom Assortment Kits, and Best Vend. 

Our sales reps are the highlight of our business. When you start your stockroom consultation they will identify your points of improvement in order to help you get more organized by getting to know you and your facility, and making the most of your time, money, and space. Our customized assortment kits are a great way to tackle all three.

These kits are an efficient way to make repairs easy and control inventory by using a box tailored to your specifications. This customized kit fits your needs by making sure that every fixture, fitting, and repair part is within reach in one convenient location. 

Our Best Vend machine gives you a full inventory control system designed to regulate what you want at the exact quantity required. Available 24/7, these machines will help increase productivity by reducing the time it takes to walk to and look through a supply room. They will also improve cost accuracy and reduce inventory spending.  

The state of a facility’s inventory management system is crucial to maintaining productivity. Getting organized can present a huge challenge and may not be the most appealing project but, when it comes to efficient inventory management and finding solutions that will work for your facility, Best Plumbing Specialties has you covered.   

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