Benefits of Carbide Tipped Blades

If you have worked with any blades and/or hole saws in the past five years, you may have noticed an increase of manufacturers starting to switch over from bi-metal to carbide tipped. Is it just a fad, or is it a material that truly delivers? The key is in the carbide. 

Bi-metal, although cost effective, has a significantly shorter life than any carbide blade. Carbide, or tungsten carbide, is comprised of half carbon atoms and half tungsten, making it three times more rigid than steel.

The three main factors that determine how a blade delivers are; how fast does it cut, how sharp does it stay, and how clean are the edges. Diablo blades have been known to excel in all three categories. They have tested and proven that their blades & hole saws last 50x longer than any standard blade. There is no need to worry about your material chipping or burning from poor cutting power. Your cuts will produce smooth edges, which means joints will fit together perfectly the first time. Less time is spent sanding and evening out cuts giving you more time for the project at hand.

It is important to be ready for anything. There are situations where you might not know what you are going up against, and having a blade that can handle it all is essential.  Applications such as nail embedded wood, stainless steel sinks, and cast iron are where you are going to see these blades really excel. The last thing you want to do is switch out a blade when you hit an unexpected nail or realize the project is more time consuming than it should be. These specialty blades are equipped to handle it all and slide through metal as effortlessly as they do wood.  

If you haven’t experienced the power of Diablo’s line of carbide blades, you can talk to your sales rep or shop the full line on our website. Also, make sure to check out the new carbide tipped plumbers hole saw kit. Carbide isn’t going anywhere and by switching to Diablo you are saving yourself time, money, and materials. 

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