ADA Compliant Lavatory Covers

ADA regulations can affect your facility in many ways. Americans with Disabilities Act title III prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in the activities of places of public accommodations in commercial facilities. As you can probably assume, these include public restroom access in these commercial buildings.

As a part of this act it is necessary to ensure safety for handicapped users of these areas and one simple and effective step is installing ADA compliant under sink pipe covers. Best offers Dearborn’s Safety Series Universal Under Sink Pipe Covers for exposed plumbing in bathrooms that meet ADA regulations. These covers are hassle free and super easy to install.

The 180° opening is designed to make installation as simple as possible. Just open and wrap the cover around the exposed plumbing.  These covers come with hook and loop fasteners allowing quick installation and removal for maintenance. There is no need for zip ties or additional fasteners. The product’s universal design ensures an easy fit for both 1-1/4” and 1-1/2” brass and plastic tubular.

The EVA Foam material is easy to cut to size and trim with scissors or knife. The cover’s durable design withstands impact and protects against burns and scratches. The foam is also easy to clean, antimicrobial, and will not yellow over time.

Best offers multiple kits and accessory pieces of these tubular covers, from full universal p-trap cover kits to supply line and wall tube extension covers. See our ADA Compliant Tubular Cover line HERE.

For more information view our products flyer HERE.


  • IAPMO PS-94
  • ASTM C1822-2018
  • ASME A112.18.9
  • ASTM E84 (25/450)
  • ASTM G21 & G22
  • Canada Barrier Free Code
  • ADA 4.19.4/ABA 606.5 rev

Best also offers a wide variety of other ADA compliant products and parts. From blade and push faucet handles, to latches, to flush valve handles and push buttons and more, Best Plumbing has you covered with all your compliance facility part needs.

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