Is Bluetooth the Best?

Long are the days where we simply turn something on without it being connected in some form. The fact the technology that has now been integrated in our daily lives is a little scary but mostly, pretty exciting. However, this is coming from someone who has seen, and heard, the dial tones for just trying to get online. We now have everything from wireless headphones to pet food bowls that can release food from an app on your phone.  Not only has Bluetooth expanded into the residential market but to the industrial market as well. You can now use Bluetooth to monitor drills and upkeep your faucets.

When it comes to Bluetooth enabled sensor faucets, Sloan is leading the industry. Capabilities include monitoring water usage, ability to save and load settings into any faucet, check battery strength, and even purge systems. This lets any facilities maintenance engineer customize the buildings fixtures to their exact specifications.

Sloan is not the only manufacturer to utilize this wireless technology, and rightfully so.

Milwaukee has taken this same technology and calls it their SmartKey, which does great things. It lets you customize and focus on performance and security. No longer will you being saying, “Where did that drill walk off to?”

Security features allow you to know exactly where your tools are at all time. You can keep track of which exact tools are being used and for what job. A special alert can even go out by setting up an invisible fence, allowing you to be notified anytime a tool goes outside that area.

The performance aspect of the tool goes far beyond just looking at when your battery is about to die. It let’s you customize the amount of torque and speed and save it as setting. Allowing you to focus on the task at hand. If this isn’t enough it even lets you know when a tool is going to need service.

All of these advancements and technology, and the many more that are bound to come, are meant to make life, work and any relatable tasks easier for the consumer. Maintenance staff and facility workers can focus their efforts on more pressing issues once these daily tasks are computerized, and monitored with little to no effort from them. Do you think this new age in technology and innovation is exciting, scary or maybe a little of both?

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