How to battle mold in your building’s restroom

Mold thrives in damp areas like bathrooms and without taking measures to clean and prevent mold, it may only continue to grow.

Leaking toilets, steamy showers, and knocked over water glasses are only a few examples of areas where mold will easily grow and cause problems. Mold can lead to health effects including skin rashes, irritated eyes, and coughing—especially for people who are allergic to mold.

The main culprit causing issues that are bad for your health are the spores released by the mold, so it is important that these spores are contained when cleaning mold. Wetting areas before scrubbing will help prevent the spores from becoming airborne.


  • Bacteria hides in the cracks where grout wore away. Resealing grout is a necessary step to take to keep mold out of the smallest crevices of the bathroom.
  • Repair any leaking pipes, faucets, shower heads, etc.
  • Prevent future buildups and outbreaks with chemical cleaners. Maintain a regular schedule to ensure that the chemicals are used regularly and properly. Particularly in schools, it is recommended to begin using chemicals such as Green Fix in the summertime when the building is not regularly occupied.
  • When the opportunity arises to renovate or to furnish a new bathroom, keep mold prevention in mind at every step. Avoid any porous and semi-porous materials, such as wicker. Flooring and wall covering should also be non-porous and easy to clean.
  • Cut down on the moisture left behind in showers. High traffic locker rooms and dormitories will produce a larger amount of moisture left behind. It is important to initiate a plan to squeegee the showers and cut down on moisture every day.

Suggested supplies:

  • Green Fix is a saturated paraffin oil. It is a preventative maintenance must-have that is ready to use directly from the bottle. Green Fix eliminates restroom odors, prevents water evaporation, and keeps flies away from your drains. It can be used in sinks, urinals, toilets, and anywhere drain traps may become dry.
  • Scale Away is an all-purpose cleaner that will rid the shower drains in your building from scum as well as remove scale.
  • Loctite Re-New Silicone Caulk easily repairs molding, yellowing, and cracking sealant joints. It only takes one step, just pass over the existing sealant with Loctite Re-New for a durable, long-lasting seal. This product is great because it is flexible and waterproof.

Steps for cleaning:

  • Keep the area well ventilated and wear protective gear when cleaning mold.
  • Scrub mold from all surfaces with a mold-killing product.
  • Wash any shower curtains and other linens.

In addition to being unsightly and creating a negative image for your facility, mold is harmful to your health. Be vigilant and take the necessary steps to prevent mold before it creates a hazardous situation in your building.

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