Best Plumbing Specialties just made online shopping even easier

Best Plumbing Specialties has just announced the launch of their newest website feature, order history.

For the first time ever, your account’s full recent order history can be found when you login to Best Plumbing Specialties’ website. Your ordering experience will be more organized than ever, everything you have ordered with Best Plumbing Specialties will be displayed in one convenient place.

When logged into the Best Plumbing Specialties website, the brand-new order history feature can be found on the “My Account” page. Order history goes beyond just past web purchases, anything that you have previously ordered with your local sales representative can be found in the order history as well.

It’s so easy to navigate order history because it has great features that allows users to reorder items, search, and more.

Any of your orders can be searched by your PO#, order number, or part number. You can also sort the orders in your order history either ascending or descending by order date. If you have multiple accounts that you order for, you can filter which account you wish to view using the account drop down.

Once you have found the order you are searching for, you can click the green details button on the right of the order to view its contents. The items in the order will be grouped by the shipment they are under with the tracking number displayed, and you can simply click the tracking number to check the status of the shipment. If there are multiple shipments for your order, you will see the items grouped separately into each shipment with a clickable tracking number for each shipment. If some or all the items on an order have not yet shipped, it will read “pending shipment” under that item grouping. The quantity beside each item will let you know how many of that item was in that specific shipment.

On each item, clicking the red “View Details” text will take you to that product on the website. Clicking the gray “Add to Cart” button will add this item in your cart. You can adjust the quantity you want to reorder in the cart screen before checking out. If the product is not currently on the website, you will see a “Call your Rep to Reorder” notification on the page.

I am so excited for this new addition to the Best Plumbing Specialties website because I live for staying well-organized. Busy facilities managers can now keep track of purchases, reorder in just a few clicks, and get back to the job so much faster.

Don’t have an account yet? Sign up today. When you fill out the form online, you will receive an email welcoming you to Best Plumbing Specialties’ online experience upon approval. If you already have an account, you can enjoy all the same ordering experiences as always.

If you have any questions about the new order history feature, please get in touch with or call 1 (800) 448-6710.

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