Best’s Best: No days off

At The Capital Group, Senior Maintenance Technician, Kirk Greer, is on call every hour of every day, 365 days a year. Working at such a highly developed company undoubtedly keeps Greer busy on the job, so he built a solid professional relationship with his Best Plumbing Specialties sales representative to stay in the loop with the newest innovations in plumbing parts and tools.

“Not one, every time Larry comes he brings some tools and equipment I have never seen,” Greer said. His sales representative, Larry Herman, makes personal visits to the facility at times that conveniently work in Greer’s schedule.

Kirk Greer, photo courtesy of Larry Herman

Herman stays incredibly busy with face-to-face visits in the Virginia Beach area, showing demonstrations of new products, helping to find organization solutions for stockrooms, and fulfilling sales orders. Ever since the company got their start—decades ago—sales representatives have found success in the old-school hitting-the-streets method for developing strong partnerships, providing the necessary repair parts and personally organizing facility personnel’s stock rooms.

“Not one, every time Larry comes he brings some tools and equipment I have never seen,” Greer explained. The new items that Best Plumbing Specialties introduces each month are carefully reviewed to ensure a “wow” from facilities maintenance crews.

It is all too common that busy individuals in the facilities maintenance industry spend entirely too much of their valuable time searching through their cluttered, unorganized stockrooms. Best Plumbing Specialties answered this problem with customizable stockroom assortment boxes that can easily travel with you to the job, and rest in a multi-level rack for storage.

“Larry came by and got me on track,” Greer told us, when he “had trouble getting Sloan toilet parts.” Sloan flushometer parts have been requested by customers so frequently that Best Plumbing Specialties carriers several pre-built assortments kits that contain all of the various parts you would need to repair the flushometer, top to bottom.

Best Plumbing Specialties has a dedicated team of customer service representatives who can provide assistance to individuals who do not have a local sales representative. Whether it is identifying plumbing parts or placing an order, Best Plumbing Specialties’ teams are available to help you.

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