Get your building through hurricane season with these 2 easy-to-use products

The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins in less than two weeks, on June 1. However, the first named storm of the season has already formed off the east coast of Florida.

“When the storm is upgraded, it will mark the sixth year in a row that a storm will have formed before the start of hurricane season,” a CNN report stated. “During the day Saturday, the core of the depression remained in the Atlantic Ocean parallel to the east coast of Florida.”

Is your facility prepared for an active hurricane season? Here are two great products to keep on hand to get through the powerful storms.

1. Hurricane Tape

Hurricane Tape is made of tear resistant plastic and provides an ultra-strong protection against shattering glass. It can also adhere to other surfaces including glass, wood, pvc, and metal.

Hurricane Tape has a water-based adhesive that will adhere in any condition or temperature, including cold or wet environments. It is conformable and can be applied to irregular surfaces. Hurricane Tape is resistant to stains, mold, decay, and UV exposure.

I love this product because it can be used all year long as an alternative to duct tape. Use it for temporary auto and household repairs, and have it available to protect your facility during hurricane season. If it’s removed within 7-14 days, it won’t leave any residue behind.

2. Flood-Guard

Flood-Guard will prevent property damage and messy clean ups in your facility. It operates like a check valve to seal off water back-up caused by overloaded sewers. The water flows normally through the drain until the sewer reaches capacity, then the Flood-Guard float rises to seal off the drain opening until the water recedes.

Flood-Guard contains gaskets made of rubber and all metal parts are plated or stainless steel. I love how easy Flood-Guard is to install; it can quickly be applied to your facility in minutes. You only need a screwdriver to install this product.

When heavy rainfall overwhelms the sewers, your building doesn’t have to pay the price with costly damages or messes. Simply applying this to your drains will provide your building with the necessary protection to get through severe storms.

Get prepared for an active storm season before it starts to hit your area. When you are stocked with the right tools, you can get back to normal even quicker after the storm passes.

To learn more about the necessary steps to protect your building and its tenants through a hurricane, read our last hurricane blog post.

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