5 items you need for your next big cleanup

Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and the unfortunate reality of crime all share something in common: they leave you with the pieces to clean up afterwards.

Disasters aside, the benefits of a large cleanup may surprise you. You could find parts you didn’t realize you had in your facility, saving you from having to spend funds on ordering more, or you may find that the pile of miscellaneous materials in your facility has been masking water intrusion or cracks that need attention.

Before starting a major cleanup, develop a plan to ensure safety and efficiency. Complete a walkthrough of the facility and take note of any areas that appear unstable and may lead to potential safety hazards, communicate with your team so everyone understands the plan, and consider the right products needed to get the job done.

1. Hard hat

Prior to entering the facility, a necessary safety precaution is wearing a hard hat. Debris raining down onto workers’ heads can cause serious injury, but hard hats provide effective protection.

 Moisture managing sweatbands built into the hard hats will provide comfort all summer long. Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for strength you can rely on for your safety.

2. Demo bags

Designed for professional clean up, Demo Bags are waterproof, reusable, and tear-resistant. Demo Bags can transport heavy-duty loads up to 110 lbs.

Demo Bags are proven to withstand steep falls and being dragged across uneven surfaces. They are perfect for your natural disaster cleanups or demolitions.

Bring extra tarps for the job. They are built tough and durable for cleanups, but also come in handy for protecting the building during regular tune-ups.

3. Light

Additional light may be necessary after a natural disaster. The power can take time to return to your building and a lot of debris indoors can decrease visibility.

Additional lighting is a safety necessity because sharp objects and other hazards can be masked in a low-light setting. There is a wide variety of flashlight options to meet your needs, but you may also want to consider other options that free up your hands while you are working.

A great hands-free option that will provide additional light on the job is a set of lighted safety goggles. With this option, your eyes are protected while simultaneously providing light to your work area.

The lighted safety goggles are lightweight and feature ultra-bright LED’s hidden in the temples. The anti-scratch coated lenses are perfect for the workplace.

Another hands-free lighting option is the Ultra Bright LED Camo Hat. This option is a great replacement for bulky flashlights and headlamps.

The ultra-bright LED’s are integrated into this premium ball cap that can be worn comfortably even while the lights are not illuminated.

4. Gloves

There’s no doubting that gloves are a necessity for any facility personnel as well as for any big cleanup jobs. Be sure your gloves are in good condition to protect your hands. Large cuts and holes in your gloves give them little purpose and should be replaced before taking on laborious tasks.

If you are finding wet hands under your gloves, consider replacing them with Ugly Gloves. These gloves are jersey-lined for maximum comfort while keeping your hands dry on the job.

Ugly Gloves are durable and will withstand the toughest cleanup jobs. They are covered in large PVC chips, making them the perfect gloves for keeping in the facility even after your cleanup for handling pipe snakes without friction burn.

5. Graffiti & paint remover

Removing graffiti, paint, and other stains is time consuming and exhausting. Graffiti & Paint Remover Wipes can help take away some of the strain.

These wipes are pre-moistened and dual-textured. Paint is loosened and dissolved in an easy, one-step process, then held in the towel so it does not redeposit on the surface.

These towels can be used on glass, metal, vinyl, brick, baked enamel paint, cement, and more. Similar to Wet Wipes, they come in a self-dispensing canister and are disposable.

Go a step further with Bust-a-Rust to renew rusty surfaces. It can be used on virtually all materials, including clothing, toilet bowls, masonry, and glass.

Bust-a-Rust will rejuvenate surfaces and remove iron in drinking water that causes foul odors and taste. Adding this product to your cleanup plan will leave your facility even nicer than it was before the occurrence of a natural disaster.

Don’t be too quick to rush into your facility after it has been severely damaged by a hurricane, flood, tornado, earthquake, or vandalism. First, create a plan and take note of the gear needed to get the job done as efficiently and safely as possible.

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