Best’s Best: Busy in Boston

Boston’s fast-paced financial district is located in the downtown area. High-rise buildings soaring into the sky are generously sprinkled over the downtown Boston landscape, and stretch out far enough to embrace the Boston Harbor skyline.

People pour out from towering buildings into high-end coffee shops or cozy Irish pubs. The energy swirling through the Boston financial district is contagious, it can be felt almost immediately when walking past restaurants and bars at lunchtime.

At 265 Franklin St., in the heart of the financial district, tenants include Easternbank, McCarter English Law Firm, and the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. To keep business moving forward for the diverse collection of tenants here, Lead Engineer, Kevin Donahue, must address the maintenance and supplies needed for the entire building.

Rick Ashton is the Best Plumbing Specialties sales representative who visits Donahue to ensure he has everything he needs. “He stops by at a moment’s notice and will even pull off on the side of the road just to confirm an order,” Donahue said in an online form. “Safety and efficiency.”

At Best Plumbing Specialties, service is always tailored to meet the needs of people across the country through an old-school sales approach. Sales representatives always have feet on the ground, eliminating the common barricades of our modern society that typically prevent people from making genuine, lasting connections.

“Rick Ashton is going to be retiring soon and he has been a great friend,” Donahue said. “We have learned together and has always supplied products in a timely manner.”

The word sales has grown into an ugly word with more and more people fearing salesmen who are just out to sell to them. It isn’t always so mechanical though. When we allow business relationships to grow through face-to-face interactions and mutual goals, friendships like Donahue and Ashton’s can blossom.

Plus, you will always get what you need to keep your building operating. For preventative maintenance, Donahue says he always has products ready on the shelf. If you need to find the Best Plumbing Specialties sales representative in your local area, send an email to

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