Get a handle on hygiene

Addressing the anxiety associated with the spread of viruses over surfaces without going over the facility’s budget can seem nearly impossible.

Some places simply just cannot switch over to sensor technology no matter how badly they would like to help limit the number of surfaces people are putting their hands on, especially in restrooms, where people must touch handles prior to washing their hands.

So what is the alternative? How do facilities with limited budgets avoid getting left behind when the future is moving towards hands-free options that can be costly, especially in a large building? The answer is CuVerro, a bactericidal copper.

Imagine, a flushometer handle that actually kills bacteria and inhibits growth instead of breeding germs. The new Sloan CuVerro Antimicrobial Copper handles do exactly that.

Proven and trusted

CuVerro is the only class of solid surface materials registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to actively kill bacteria. EPA laboratory testing has shown that CuVerro, when cleaned regularly, will demonstrate effective antibacterial action against several different bacteria strains continuously, 24 hours a day.

Tests focused on six disease-causing bacteria:

E. coli O157:H7A food-borne pathogen that has been associated with large-scale food recalls
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)One of the most virulent strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and a common culprit of hospital- and community-acquired infections.
Staphylococcus aureus The most common of all bacterial staphylococcus (i.e. staph) infections that can cause life-threatening diseases, including pneumonia and meningitis.
Vancomycin-Reistant Enterococcus faecalis (VRE)An antibiotic resistant organism responsible for 4% of all Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI).
Enterobacter aerogenesA pathogenic bacterium commonly found in hospitals that causes opportunistic skin infections and impacts other body tissues.
Pseudomonas aeruginosaA bacterium that infect the pulmonary tracts, urinary, tracts, blood and skin of immunocompromised individuals.
Source: CuVerro EPA Tests

Products made with CuVerro will continuously reduce bacterial contamination, and achieve a 99.9 percent reduction within two hours of exposure. CuVerro kills greater than 99.9 percent of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria within two hours of exposure.


Routine cleaning is necessary for CuVerro to maintain its effectiveness. Cleaning products that are typically used for traditional hard, non-porous surfaces are permissible. Cleaning products used may vary depending on the type of soiling.

As time moves forward, and the CuVerro handle tarnishes and accrues evidence of wear, the effectiveness of it will not be impaired. The handle is meant to be long-lasting wherever it is installed.

It is so important that CuVerro surfaces are not coated in any way, or it will no longer be effective. Do not use wax, lacquer, varnish, or paint on CuVerro surfaces.

Where to specify CuVerro flushometer handles

All commercial restrooms must make decisions that will promote good hygiene. Now more than ever, the product choices made, cleaning routines, and other habits are given more consideration to keep the facility at a reduced risk for infections. These considerations are especially important in places where larger numbers of people may be exposed to germs.

HospitalsHealthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) lead to thousands of deaths every year and cost hospitals nearly $10 billion. Bacteria-killing flushometer handles can be part of restrooms designed to limit the spread of bacteria that cause HAIs.
SchoolsKids often forget to wash their hands and are more susceptible to disease than adults. CuVerro antimicrobial flushometer handles can help limit the spread of disease-causing bacteria.
RestaurantsHygiene is critical wherever food is consumed, so restaurants (and other food service and hospitality facilities) are a logical place for bacteria-killing flushometer handles.
AirportsMillions of travelers carry germs from all over the world. You want to deploy every bacteria-fighting tool at your disposal–including antimicrobial flushometer handles.
Entertainment VenuesSports arenas, theaters, and other entertainment venues should specify bacteria-killing flushometer handles to help reduce the potential of disease spread amongst high concentrations of people.
Source: Sloan blog

Specifying restrooms fixtures for a commercial building where hygienic practices are vital mean considering every detail. Sloan CuVerro handles are a unique option to address flushometer needs while limiting the potential for bacteria to infect those who occupy your building.

Whether your facility has a handle preference over sensor, your maintenance personnel are not prepared to fix sensor technology when it inevitably needs attention, or if there simply are not funds available to cover the switch to hands-free technology, CuVerro is a great option. You can now feel confident in your facility’s ability to help stop the spread of infections by killing bacteria with virtually no effort needed.

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