4 amazing benefits of getting maintenance stockrooms organized

Organizing a stockroom can take hours that could be better spent addressing the day-to-day issues on the job.

Rather than giving up valuable time to get organized, many maintenance workers know the general area where the parts are and will opt to use the seek-and-find exercise—which can take 5-30 minutes.

We get comfortable with the clutter, typically it’s not too far off from our personal lives. We all know the chair. For me, well, I’m sure I had a table somewhere under the piles of mail and clutter before.

In addition to saving time, clearing the clutter will benefit your facility by saving money, improving on safety, and providing you with more space to work comfortably. What is keeping so many tradespeople from getting their stockroom finally organized?


Facilities personnel can typically tell you which shelf a particular part is in, not because they are organized, but because that is where they always end up finding that part. Still, locating the correct shelf only gets you so close to actually having the part in hand. Dipping your hands into the sea of mixed parts takes quite some time before you finally get a catch for the part you need.

While organizing the stockroom, a good way to ensure that it stays that way is to develop signs and labels that allow people to easily navigate the storeroom to find the needed parts. Providing people with the ability to match parts with their designated signs will make people feel more accountable and they will be more likely to put the parts in the correct spot.


We all know that time is money, but an unorganized stockroom will lead people to spending money unnecessarily as well. After spending an outrageous amount of time searching for a particular part, people will give up searching and believe that it needs to be reordered, but it’s really just there hidden so well that it could not be found.

Maintaining an organized stockroom will limit unnecessary spending on parts. Finding the parts quickly when you need to get to a job is important as well, and organizing storage bins on shelves can help with this. Fill shelves with bins that are easy to reach into when you’re in a rush, the depth of the bin allows more parts to fit into a small amount of shelf space.


Before clearing the shelves and lugging them across the room, be sure you have a clear plan in mind. Consider the way that the space is used on a day-to-day basis and any doorways that cannot be blocked, then create a layout.

Smaller stockrooms likely will not need to move any shelving units to promote organization. However, it is still important to consider areas that should remain clear for reaching items easily and staging parts for work orders. Boxes that fit into their own organizational racks help to free up space by working vertically. Assortment boxes from Best Plumbing Specialties are especially handy because the box can be taken with you to the job, with everything needed conveniently managed inside, and it can slide into its storage rack afterwards for space-saving organization.


Shelving units and parts need to be secured, especially in areas that are prone to earthquakes. Parts rolling off shelves and racks that are wobbling or tipping over create an unsafe situation for anyone who must enter the stockroom.

The heavier parts need to be stored on the bottom shelves and smaller, lighter parts should be located on higher shelves. Trying to grab a heavy item from a tall shelf can hurt you. Many shelving units will have sloped tops to stop people from storing items too high and impairing their safety.

Getting organized is much more than making the stockroom look presentable, decluttering shelves and creating an organizational system will help to improve safety, ensure parts can be found quickly, and provide an easy way to see the parts that need to be reordered.

The amount of time needed to get your stockroom organized may be daunting and difficult to work into your schedule. But, if there is a Best Plumbing Specialties Sales Representative in your area, they can personally visit your facility and provide a stockroom consultation—absolutely free of charge.

A Best Plumbing Specialties Sales Representative will survey the property, work with you to manage your inventory, and build customized assortments to save you time, space, and money. Take advantage of the benefits that an organized stockroom can bring to your facility.

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