5 battery-powered tools that will make your next job so much easier

In recent years battery-powered tools have gained more popularity as they have become more widely available, and more people have begun to learn the large number of benefits that battery-operated tools have to offer.

Battery-powered tools are preferred by those headed towards a more environmentally friendly direction. They are more sustainable, as these tools do not rely on fossil fuels, and they do not produce carbon emissions.

There is also an argument to be made for the safety benefits that battery-powered tools have to offer. Once the tool’s operator takes their finger off the trigger it will turn off, there is a reduced chance of mishandling internal parts, and there is no engine to damage when oil is measured inaccurately to put into the machine.

As manufacturers continue to improve upon their products, battery-powered tools become more exciting and exceed expectations. These battery-powered tools will provide optimal performance in any facility:

1. Drain snake

The Milwaukee M12 Drain Snake Kit comes with a Redlithium battery pack for maximum work per charge, and its Redlink intelligence provides optimized performance and overload protection against abusive situations. This tool is perfect for plumbers and facilities maintenance personnel.

This machine is lightweight and travels to the job easily. The unique, hybrid design provides users with the benefits of both handheld and floor-based cleaners.

The M12 drain snake weighs only 10 lbs. making it the lightest professional drain cleaner on the market. The tool’s light weight paired with the powerful battery pack allows the M12 drain snake to travel to virtually any job site and work hard in tough situations.

2. Screwdriver

The M12 ¼ Hex Screwdriver Kit is ideal for professionals who frequently encounter precision fastening applications. This screwdriver is great on the go and it features a slimmer, more ergonomic grip.

The M12 Screwdriver has a variable speed trigger and 0-500 RPM provides unrivaled fastening control while 15+1 clutch settings to prevent over-tightening fasteners. This tool was made for those who are looking for improved productivity and fewer interruptions.

This tool is compact and lightweight, but it also tough and dependable in situations that require superior precision and better access to tight job spaces. Its Redlithium battery pack provides more work per charge, keeping you on the job site longer between charges.

The kit comes with two Redlithium batteries, a charger, and contractor bag. Upgrading your screwdriver to the Milwaukee M12 ¼ Hex Screwdriver could not be easier.

3. Drill

The Milwaukee M18 Compact Drill is the most compact and powerful drill in its class. At only 7-1/4 in. length, this drill will provide you with superior access to the tightest workspaces.

This compact drill delivers 500 in. lbs. of torque and up to 1,800 RPM, proving that this battery-operated drill will provide maximum durability while remaining easy to handle and compact. The M18 drill is able to travel with you to the most challenging jobs and last longer between chargers than its competitors.

This drill comes in an all-metal gear case, providing the durability you need in the most challenging job sites. The kit is completed by the two M18 Redlithium batteries and an M18/M12 multi-voltage charger, in addition to the drill and its carrying case.

4. Hackzall saw

The Milwaukee M12 Hackzall saw kit is the tool for professionals looking for control and versatility in tight spaces. The saw cuts fast through a wide range of materials including drywall, wood, and PVC.

The saw will offer a controlled cut, and fast and easy blade changes saves time on the job. Tough and user-friendly, this saw will be a great upgrade for anyone looking for an alternative to corded saws.

5. Copper tubing cutter

The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Lithium-Ion Copper Tubing Cutter Kit will cut up to 10 times faster than conventional cutters, proving to be the time-saving battery-operated tool that you didn’t even know you needed. This tool will provide up to 200 cuts on a single charge, and runs at the unmatched cutting speed of 500 RPM.

The M12 tube cutter provides a longer reach to reduce wrist strain when working in tight spaces and its built-in LED light illuminates cutting spaces to optimize working capability. The metal cutting head is both corrosion and rust resistant, and it is sealed for water protection.

This copper tubing cutter will provide precision and durability that is essential for plumbers, contractors, and remodelers. Upgrading to this tool will result in less downtime on the job.  

Battery-powered tools are powerful while often being more energy-efficient than alternatives. The more compact and lightweight design of battery-powered tools takes the strain off your body and allows for easier transportation to job sites that require a variety of tools.

The industry is already moving towards a cordless power tool trend as accessibility has increased over the years. Upgrade your tools and find out how efficiency can be delivered across a variety of battery-operated tools available today.

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