Best’s Best: The right tool and rep for the job

Every tradesperson knows a good tool will pay for itself. The right tool will make a job easier, faster, and safer and more powerful, reliable tools are becoming available so quickly that if you blink you could miss something.

Projects that would be made so much easier with better tools are so far and few between that I don’t really bother shopping around for any tools—or finding a place to keep new tools in my home for that matter. Then, once I am knee-deep in inspiration and working away at a big DIY project, my arms begin to turn rubbery and I realize a gallon of sweat pouring off me is needless when I could have simply found better tools to make the project a whole lot easier.

Great tools are what Kelvin Winslow, a building service tech at City View Tower in Norfolk, Va., recalls purchasing from Best Plumbing Specialties and making a memorable improvement in his workplace. “Some of the tools that I have purchased makes it easy to do my work orders,” Winslow said.

The power tools on the market today are so compact and easy to take to any jobsite, even for plumbing solutions like drain cleaning. For DIY projects and crafting, I have been impressed with the lightweight, handheld saw options available.

A typical day for Winslow means keeping the building going including lights, plumbing, etc. His sales representative from Best Plumbing Specialties is always there to ensure Winslow has the right tools so he won’t slow down.

“Larry is always there when needed,” Winslow said of his sales representative. “He is awesome, keeps me up on my supplies.” Best Plumbing Specialties’ sales representatives provide personalize service by meeting face-to-face to gain an understanding of specific facility needs and offering expert advice from a different perspective.

Sometimes really all it takes is another person in your facility to offer the missing piece to the puzzle and get you the supplies needed to become more productive than ever before. Sales representatives will bring samples of the newest Best Plumbing Specialties items to demonstrate how it works, and well, to show off how cool it is too.

Maybe someday my stubbornness will subside, and I will finally give the load of my next project to a new tool. For now, I have the privilege of keeping the experts who see these tools in action everyday close by.

Do you have a story to share? Leave a comment below or email to share your Best experience.

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