Best’s Best: Working hands-free

At the beginning of the pandemic, my office quickly began using hinge doorstoppers to help stop the spread of disease over surfaces.

The doorstoppers are still in place, keeping doors all throughout the office open to pass through easily. The doorstoppers were already on-hand well before the pandemic began, and before many people in this office really considered using them to stop a disease from spreading.

Simple yet effective. It’s sort of been the running theme for many buildings that have been able to bring employees back but have not been able to secure the ideal products needed to keep them safe and socially distanced.

Keeping multifunctional products in your facility may prove to be a benefit to you. While there have been so many great new products available to bring solutions to buildings for helping to stop the spread of infection, it is hard to estimate how well a new product will hold up over time or if there will even be a need for it after a few months.

Bryan Monk, photo courtesy of Larry Herman

Bryan Monk, an appliance technician at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), says that orange door hinge stoppers have been the most useful product that he has purchased from Best Plumbing Specialties. “When the hinge door stopper is installed in the door way and holds the door open, I can easily go through the door way with my appliances on the dolly without having to try and keep the door open,” he said.

At VCU, Monk works 12-hour night shifts where he must walk through the buildings and run any emergency calls. It is clear that moving effortlessly through buildings is necessity for Bryan.

The orange Fat Ivan doorstop can fold to fit into a person’s pocket, allowing users to free their hands and use the doorstopper on any door they come across on the job. It causes no damage to doors and it is magnetized for optimized efficiency.

Finding the right tool can be so much easier when a Best Plumbing Specialties sales representative local to your area is available to suggest items and show off samples of the latest products. Monk says his sales representative, Larry, is the epitome of his profession and calls ahead to make sure that he will be present. Find your sales rep by visiting our website.

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