Best Finds: Can JaniWrap be applied to wet toilets?

A customer recently asked one of our sales reps if JaniWrap can be applied to wet toilets or do toilets need to be cleaned and dried first? According to our customer service team, the answer is yes and no.

JaniWrap adheres well on water slick porcelain surfaces. However, it does not adhere on urine slick or saturated surfaces. Even though urine is approximately 95% water, the salt, acid, and chemicals prevent good adhesion to urinals and toilets. This is not a common issue, even in high volume restrooms such as in amusement parks, airports, and malls. To ensure the best application process, a quick wipe down before applying JaniWrap is necessary due to the nature of the malfunctioning feature.

JaniWrap urinal and toilet covers come in a roll of 25 sheets: part #99825477.

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