Future of Plumbing

Plumbers and the plumbing industry are not what it used to be. Long gone are the days of old school repairmen, or maintenance workers that are only men.

Consumers in the past went with whatever was recommended to them by a maintenance worker. While this may continue to be true, it will become even more important to educate consumers. Awareness of water consumption has increased, as well as clean water sources and water recycling. Most people are looking for ways to do their part, or their business’s part by reducing their environmental footprint. While plumbers and technicians will continue to know more about the industry, recommendations for water-saving toilets, greywater recycling, and tankless water heaters, may be recommended to customers instead of more basic repairs.

Smart plumbing may be the top future addition to plumbing, but the industry is changing. Long gone are the days of the old-school repairmen with a lack of belts. Instead of needing multiple technicians throughout a business or home, many repairmen now specialize in a variety of industries. For example, a single person may repair pipes, electricity, and structural damage.

The average pipe in the United States is 47 years old, with pipes in New York and Philadelphia almost double that. Some customers may be interested in pipe relining before an incident occurs; however, most people will end up waiting too long and suffer from leaking pipes or damaged property.

As technology advances, more and more consumers are enjoying luxurious upgrades. This can be anything from smart showers and baths to expensive faucets and toilets.

Online reviews can make or break any business but especially for plumbers. Consumers read customer reviews to determine if they will hire someone and welcome them into their home.

Solar-powered water heating solution will become a common commodity, especially as a growing preference for energy-efficient water heaters. Solar heaters can save energy and lower heating bills. In addition to solar-powered water heaters, tankless water heaters are becoming more common. Tankless water heaters can help minimize water consumption and allow for hot water quicker.

In the time of a pandemic and the months and years that follow, hands free fixtures will become more relevant than ever. While there has already been a spike in the use of these fixtures, they will become accessible to everyone.

Smart pipes, those that can self-diagnose leaks and alert the consumer before damage can occur, are popping up everywhere. It detects where leaks are located and will make your job easier.

Competition and demand are both growing. No plumbing company holds more than 1% of the market share in terms of revenue. To stay at the top of your game, keep up with the latest industry practices and never stop learning. According to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, as of 2016, there were 115,737 plumbing companies. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics believes the plumbing industry is projected to grow by 24% from 2014 to 2024.

The plumbing industry is evolving, as are the tools and techniques used. Best Plumbing Specialties is staying on top of the latest industry trends and offering the latest and greatest in upgrades, technology, and tools.

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