New Sloan Faucet and Soap Dispenser Full Line

Sloan has recently created a comprehensive line of electronic sensor faucets and soap dispensers for the widest array of applications. With more styles, designs, and options than ever before, Sloan believes it’ll be easier to find the perfect solutions in your perfect budget. Faucets and soap dispensers represent a critical point of interaction; now more than ever, a touch-free, hygienic experience is desired in every setting.

There are four levels of Sloan products: Premier, Deluxe, Standard, and Legacy.

  • Premier: Fully-customizable, durable hardware, and hidden sensors offer a clean aesthetic
  • Deluxe: Deluxe touch-free faucets are available with matching sop dispensers and come in a full range of special finishes.
  • Standard: Tried and true standard faucets and soap dispensers offer affordability without sacrificing performance.
  • Legacy: The original line of sensor-operated faucets are hard-working and vandal resistant.

Complete Commercial Restroom: Sensor faucets and soap dispensers complement all Sloan sinks, hand dryers, flushometers, water closets, urinals, and more to create a uniform equipment appearance.

Sloan products come in a variety of special finishes, including Polished Brass, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Stainless, and Graphite. These finishes are available for faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers, and flushometers, to ensure a consistent color match between products.

The Optima Control Box is the most innovative water management system on the market now has fewer parts and more standardized components, helping to reduce installation and maintenance by 50% or more. This means fewer cords and hoses. The Optima Control Box can be powered with batteries, hardwire with battery backup, or optional hybrid energy turbine.

You can now add Bluetooth connectivity to your new or existing BASYS EFC and hardwired Optima EAF Faucets. The EAF-1025 Bluetooth adapter installs under the deck with plug-and-play convenience. Connect the adapter into the faucet cable and the firmware will automatically update.

There are four power options for Sloan faucets: battery, solar, hardwired, and turbine.

  • Battery: Best option for retrofit environments or installations where hardwiring is not available.
  • Solar: Passively harvests power and extends battery life from artificial or natural light sources.
  • Hardwired: Ideal for new construction because it eliminates regular use of disposable batteries. Most hardwired models include a battery back-up to eliminate a loss of function if power loss occurs.
  • Turbine: Miniaturized hydroelectric turbines extract power from moving water and use it to extend battery life.

Sloan also offers a broad range of faucet options for every maintenance need. Faucets with above-deck access allow maintenance workers to replace key components, such as batteries and solenoids. It even allows you to shut off the water without having to go under the deck; this alleviates labor, cost, and facility down-time if issues arise.

The Sloan Connect App allows Bluetooth-connected faucets to be adjusted and configured from your smart phone; it also allows you to see how the fixtures are performing. With the Sloan app, you can quickly adjust settings wirelessly to reduce maintenance times nd cost. Access technical data and share diagnostic reports for swift and easy maintenance or troubleshooting. The app also allows activation of line flush to clear supply lines or drains.

Additionally, there are multiple collections available for a uniform restroom setting, including the Rush Street Collection and Clark Street Collection. Best Plumbing Specialties offers a variety of hands-free Sloan fixtures for a complete look.

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