Sloan introduces Optimix Faucets with Anti-scald Technology

Optimix Faucets from Sloan will prevent scalding. When cold water is running low, normal faucets may dispense uncomfortable or even unsafe hot water. The new addition to any of Sloan’s popular faucets meets anti-scald requirements of ASSE 1070.

The Integrated Thermostatic Mixing Valve is included in the faucet spout for a hassle-free and time-saving installation. It’s available in hard-wired (EAF-200), battery (EAF0250), and also as the only solar-powered (EAF-275) anti-scald faucet option in the industry.

A safe water temperature is important anywhere, especially for schools, hospitals, and care facilities.

So how does it work? Water is mixed as it passes through the spout of the faucet. The Integrated Thermostatic Mixing Valve can be set to a desired temperature and the lever can then be removed for facilities where tamper resistance is required. It is a simple way to keep users comfortable and safe with the durability and precision of a Sloan faucet.

Anti-scald technology is a new but important feature that could soon be a part of the ADA regulations. Being unable to change the temperature on a faucet can ultimately result in burns from too hot water. Burn admissions are on the rise with more and more people staying inside and this technology can help to decrease the risk of hot water burns.

With multiple GPMs available, Sloan is confident there is the right faucet for every facility.

Best Plumbing Specialties offers a variety of Sloan faucets and other products to keep every facility safe and functional.

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