4 Ideas for the Future of Kitchen and Bath

The future is here. What will the future of the industry be? It’s hard to say how quickly technology will advance but here are a few ideas that are likely to become normal sooner rather than later.

Indoor Herb Garden: Indoor gardens are growing more popular but this self-watering system brings the freshness of live plants to the kitchen. This idea has been made possible with Herb Garden by Isenberg Design Lab. Individual planters are paired with a watering system and attached with a quick-release valve covered when not in use. This is a great way to add greenery to the kitchen while also enjoying the green plants and fresh aroma of herbs.

Sanitizing Sink: The only thing that might be better than a self-sanitizing sink might be a self-cleaning sink! The self-operating UV Sanitizer harnesses the power of ultraviolet light to efficiently kill harmful bacteria on dishes, cutlery, and even fruits and veggies. It lights up to signal cleaning status alerts and is an essential addition to any kitchen.


Custom Dimensional Vanity: Imagine the relaxing sound of a waterfall. Now imagine that relaxing sound in your own bathroom. Except you don’t need to imagine it because MTI Baths has brought that idea to life with the Terra Waterfall Vanity. It can be customized to reflect any topographic map, mimicking hills and valleys per request. The sink is graduated to direct the water flow in the basin toward a waterfall, gently flowing over the right-hand side into a floor-mounted drain. The structure is approximately 70% organic, nonporous, and stain and mildew resistant.

Mod Mixer and Shower Shelf: Gessi’s Hi-Fi Shelf Thermostatic Mixer delivers a custom shower experience and control of all aspects of water flow. The control knobs have been designed to mimic the feel of period sets with clicking knobs and turning dials while using interactive graphic icons to control water flow and temperature with accuracy. Mixer control options include hand sprayers, body jets, and showerheads. Users can program their settings and enjoy a custom shower experience at the turn of a knob.

Industries leaders are continuing to push boundaries for home and facility improvements. Best Plumbing Specialties will continue to bring you the latest and greatest in order to keep your facilities and occupants safe, healthy, and happy.

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