5 Reasons to Install Hands-Free Fixtures

As we return to a new normal, staying clean and germ-free will remain a priority. The installation of automatic plumbing technology, known as touch-free, no-touch, or hands-free, is increasingly popular. If you are still on the fence about the benefits of hands-free fixtures, find out the top five benefits and how to incorporate them into your building.

  1. Germs: It’s easy to forget that the germs carried on our hands are easily transmitted to any surface touched, including faucet and toilet handles. The same germs remain on the surfaces and transfer with every visitor until the next cleaning cycle. Touchless fixtures eliminate the contamination of handles because there are no handles to contaminate! These fixtures limit the opportunities for germs to spread from multiple people and many surfaces.
  2. Easily accessible: Hands free faucets are also convenient and easy to use. In addition to being ADA compliant, hands-free fixtures are accessible for anyone. A touchless faucet eliminates the need to turn the faucet on and off. This is beneficial for those who struggle with arthritis or other hand/arm limitations. Children can also benefit from these easy-to-use systems because they do not have to be able to reach a handle. Additionally, fixed temperature settings on hands-free faucets protect from mistakes that could cause burns to more sensitive hands.
  3. Easier maintenance: No handle means no fingerprints and less cleaning. It’s harder to notice when a hands-free faucet gets dirty. Less germs and cleaner hands mean cleaner fixtures. Cleaner fixtures mean less time polishing and cleaning. With hands free fixtures, there is less chance of user error and damage because they require no user touch. This is especially important in facilities such as prisons, care facilities, and schools.
  4. Environmentally friendly/Budget friendly: Using hands free fixtures removes the risk of accidentally leaving a faucet running, ultimately wasting gallons of water. Additionally, touchless fixtures experience less leaks than traditional faucets. Touchless fixtures are water efficient because they limit the time a user can wash their hands. Most are programmed for 5-10 seconds.
  5. Readily available: While hands free fixtures were increasing in popularity before the pandemic, there weren’t as many options to choose from. Manufacturers have increased the aesthetic designs and style options to provide the best experience in every setting.

Best Plumbing Specialties offers a variety of hands-free fixtures, including faucets, flushometers, fountains and fillers, soap dispensers, and hand washing stations.

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