Preparing for Storm Season

With the start of spring comes an increase in storm frequency and intensity. Preparing for a storm can potentially prevent or at least decrease the damage that may occur during a storm. There are a few preventative measures that can be taken before a storm as well as post-storm damage inspections that will help you evaluate what needs to be done.

Before the storm:

To protect your facility from additional flooding or from being overwhelmed by a storm, consider these steps.

Turn off the main water valve: Contaminated water can enter the plumbing system during flooding in a storm surge. This water can contain traces of animal feces, chemicals, car runoff, and sewage. Shutting off the main water valve can prevent excess water from entering the plumbing system.

Clear debris around sump pump and drains: Since sump pumps clear water from around the facility to prevent flood water from entering, ensuring the space around the pump is clear of debris can help decrease the buildup during a storm. Other drains, such as street sewers around the facility, can become clogged overtime from natural debris. Clear drains and gutters ensure water has somewhere to go other than your facility’s roof or sewage.

After the storm:

Once the storm has passed and it is safe to return outside, a complete inspection will allow you to evaluate any damage, drains that may need to be cleared, broken pipes, and anything else that the storm may have affected. For replacement parts, repair kits, and more, Best Plumbing Specialties has you covered.

Inspect everything: Be sure to inspect the facility’s pipes and drains carefully after a storm has cleared. Similar to preparing for a storm, it’s important to clear drains and gutters of debris in order for the system to pump properly. There are a few key issues to look for during your post-storm inspection.

-Clogged or blocked drains

-Gutter blockage

-Tank water or other alternate water systems blocked

-Solar water heater or PV panels on roofs may be damaged

-Damage to gas regulators or pipe work

Storms are unavoidable, but there are a few ways to potentially decrease or prevent damage. Most importantly, stay safe during and after a storm. Best Plumbing Specialties has you covered with replacement parts, cleaning products, and more. View our online catalog or request your own by visiting

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