Best Finds: SaniFlo

Roger recently sent in a quote for his customer, Regional School District in Connecticut. They were looking for a toilet with an upward flush. I found that SaniFlo is a company that makes toilet and pumps that can be installed in a basement that allows the waste to be pumped up and out. This is an excellent solution because there is no need to break up a concrete floor which saves time and money during installation. They offer different types of macerating and grinding pumps. The Saniacess pump is a macerator that is designed for regular waste and toilet paper. The Sanibest grinder breaks down hygiene products as it has a heavy-duty stainless steel blade that grinds waste in 3 to 4 seconds. Both are connected to a standard pipe. These pumps can be installed behind a wall or behind the toilet. They offer round and elongated toilets. However, standard back-outlet toilets can be used with most of their pumps. They carry a toilet with a macerator pump built in. It is called the Sanicompact. The Saniaccess pump is Item 99713850. The Sanibest pump is Item 99713838. The elongated bowl is $tem 99713839 and the tank is Item 99713840. The Sanicompact all-in-one unit is Item 99713841.

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